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Why you should buy our pillow

  • Healthy sleep is the key to good health!

    Healthy sleep is the key to good health!

    But not all pregnant women know that sleeping with a large belly is very uncomfortable! You can't sleep on your back…It's hard to sleep on your side! Ah, and on your stomach all the more!

    What to do in such situations? How can a pregnant woman sleep safely and comfortably?

  • The main functions of our pillows

    The main functions of our pillows

    • U-type and I-type pillows help maintain proper posture during sleep and rest and help get rid of back pain, thoracic pain, reduce swelling of the limbs, relax muscle and nerve endings.
    • U-type and I-type pillows make it easier to feed and care for your baby.
    • Zippered pillowcases are made of 100% cotton and as a pillow filler, we use the eco-friendly and hypoallergenic material hollow fiber.

Allow yourself to sleep peacefully

  • Restful sleep

    Good sleep

    Muscle relaxation

    Muscle relaxation

    While breastfeeding

    During feeding

    During the baby's games

    During toddler games
  • Reduce swelling of the legs

    Puffiness Removal

    Protection of the foetus

    Fetal protection

    For any family member

    For any family member

    For daily rest

    Simulator for seating
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Composition of pillows

  • Pillowcase


    100% cotton
  • Pillow cover

    Pillow cover

    50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Filler


    hollow fiber (100% polyester)

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Pregnancy pillows U-type and I-type

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Customer Reviews

  • Hello Anastasia.

    Thank you so much for the pillow, I just lay down and fell into sleep. Very comfortable to the body, convenient. Feels like done with the soul.

    Thanks again!
  • Good afternoon!

    After some time I want to leave a review about the pillow. Everything is just great, very comfortable, back and neck support and workmanship - nothing to complain about. Even before pregnancy, there was a problem that the hands and neck were numb, either because of the mattress, or because of the pillow. Now everything is fine, the body is resting at night. I am very satisfied!

    Thank you for your work and wish you continued success!

  • Hello.

    I ordered this pillow
    for pregnant women when I was
    at 8 months old. This is just a fairy tale!

    Sleeping, lying, hugging her is a pleasure. To express in words a complete sense of comfort and serenity is simply impossible. Thank you very much for this wonderful pillow !!!

    I wish your company prosperity !!!

Frequently asked Questions:

  • Our sewing manufacture is located in Spain.

  • Keep the pillow at room temperature, in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

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